Dog-Otho’s Midnight Rambler
Sire:Dog-Othos Aqui Estoy
Dam:Dog-Othos Chica Del Sur

Call Name Pablito

                           Achievements: Argentinian Champion

DNA Profile

DNA clear Charcot Marie Tooth

DNA Clear PRA-B1


DNA Clear Factor V11

DNA Clear Myotonia Congenita

DNA Clear Mullerian Duct Syndrome

DNA Clear Comma Defect

Current Clear Cardiac, Patella and Eye specialist Certificate


Pedigree of ” Arg CH Dogs Otho’s Midnight Rambler “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE Dog-Otho’s Aqui Estoy (C-FCA) Repititions Heat Wave Repititions Some Like It Hot
Franlins Dance To The Piper
Dog-Otho’s Chiquita Banana Dog-Otho’s Xul Solar
Dog-Otho’s Its A Hard Life
DAM Dog-Otho’s Chica del Sur (C-FCA) Sailers Soccer Players-Neymar Sailers Children Of Light Zion
Sailers Untraceable Trina
Dog-Othos Just In Time Karshof Kaptains Pride
Dog-Othos Its A Hard Life