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  1. I met Cheryl after finding her kennel name on the NZ breeders Association list. Sight unseen, we chatted on line and by video link chatting about the miniture schnauzzer breed and her love of them. I met Cheryl in person when we went to visit the litter of eight to Ebony and Angus. Cheryl is very thorough, attentive to her dogs and pups, and is always looking for the best outcomes for the pups foever home with new owner.
    Ive found Cheryl to be helpful and she educated me about having a puppy before our Tilly came home.
    I would highly recommend Cheryl as a pedigree breeder.

  2. Have had Molly for just over a month and she is calm and has a lovely warm personality.
    I knew about Cheryl’s mini schnauzers from a family member.
    Also a close friend also has a mini from Kapanui and was very pleased with her dog.
    I highly recommend Kapanui Kennels to anyone looking for a MS.. They are the best 💕

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